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In 2009 two schools met each other, Werkplaats Typografie and ISIA Urbino. They joined forces and started an international WT/ISIA summer school, which runs now for more then 10 years. Due to its success, and all the positive feedback from the participating students, we will organize the summer school again in 2019. And since we’re a ‘school’, we’re inviting you and your friends to apply, to become one of our future students.

The Summer School consists of a two week course, and it will take place in the small, but beautiful Renaissance town of Urbino. It's a walled city and a World Heritage Site in the region called the Marche, which is located in the north-eastern part of central Italy. It’s main tourist attraction is the Palazzo Ducale, built in the 15th century, which houses one of the most important collections of Renaissance paintings in the world. Urbino is also an important student town. It hosts the University of Urbino, which was founded in 1506. It currently has about 14.000 students, but don’t worry, during the summer almost all of them are on holidays.

ISIA Urbino is the school where the Summer School takes place. It stands for ‘Higher Institute for Artistic Industries’ (Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche). The school was founded in 1974 and offers a variety of programs for students in the field of Graphic Design. It is set in a former convent in the heart of town, and has facilities such as workshops for printing, a studio for photography, a library, etc. These facilities are free to use when you take part in the summer school. The Werkplaats Typografie, is a master program in Arnhem, The Netherlands and is part of ArtEZ, University of the Arts. It offers a program for artistic research in the field of Graphic Design and publishing for a small number of students.

The summer school is not a real school, with credit points, a diploma, etc. At this school you can never fail, but you will learn and gain many valuable things from it. Our aim is to offer you an exceptional and unforgettable experience, something that adds up to what you know, and not have experienced before. We want you to do and learn something new, not necessarily in the field of design, or typography. We expect you to come up with your own project within a given theme that connects to the local context. The tutors will challenge you to explore your ideas, and work cross disciplinary. We will not restrict you to conventional notions of what design can be. The focus should be on your ideas, and you can formalize them in any direction you can imagine, in the field of art, writing, photography, drawing, film, performance, etc. We focus as much on conceptual thinking and research as the articulation of your ideas in a formal presentation. We mainly want you to feel free, to let you make your best work ever, in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere. With experienced and inspiring tutors and fellow students.

Tutors are there to discuss your ideas with, one on one, and within the group. They will help you to improve your work and you will receive individual feedback on the work you’re developing. Fellow students, all come from different parts of the world, have similar interests like you, and you’ll share this once in a lifetime experience with them. You connect yourself to a new and international group of other makers, who will very likely become future friends as part of an expanding network.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for (young) professionals and/or students in the field of (graphic) design (writing, photography, illustration, publishing), art, architecture and theory. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you’ve done, what your interests are, how much experience or education you had. The summer school offers an opportunity for anyone who has talent, and is a curious and inspiring non-conventional thinker and maker. We’re looking for those who like to be part of a group dynamic, and is social. We want you to bring something strong and beautiful to the summer school.
If you’re the candidate we’re looking for, with an authentic, open and critical mindset, who is eager to learn, to explore and willing to re-think your own work in a unique context and setting, who doesn’t mind working over summer, instead of going to the beach, please apply. The course we offer is in English, the food is Italian.

Who Are the Tutors

You will be guided from Uta Eisenreich, Armand Mevis, Maureen Mooren and Leonardo Sonnoli, who have connections to both institutions.

Armand Mevis is the other half of Mevis & van Deursen, a design studio located in Amsterdam. Armand is also head of the Werkplaats Typografie (ArtEZ)Arnhem.

Maureen Mooren has her individual design practice in Amsterdam, acts as Art Director at the New Institute in Rotterdam, and is Professor at HGB in Leipzig.

Leonardo Sonnoli has his design practice in Rimini, is professor at ISIA and a member of the AGI.

Uta Eisenreich is an artist with a background in design, who uses the medium of photography, and performance. She has her practice in Amsterdam.

All four have an outstanding international reputation with their independent design and art practices, and all four are experienced educators for many years. They will share their experiences and practices with you, and are able to answer your questions and help you further. Each will give a presentation about their work.

The Theme

We ask all the participant to respond to a given theme. The theme is your starting point. Use it as a filter to see and experience your new environment. All themes in the past were loosely derived from the (architectural) setting and (culturally depicted) location of Urbino. Think of what this could all embody, and how it could be of inspiration to you. We have touched on themes which question time, living, tourism, preservation, etc. We will ask you to your project to this theme, because it offers an immediate question, that can be addressed within a period of two weeks. Since it’s really about your work and your work only, you’re free to explore the theme in the way you want, within your own language, and be critical, factual, absurd, etc.

Previous editions of the summer school focused on the following themes:

  • Ritual (2018)
  • Tour Guide (2017)
  • Casa - Home/House (2016)
  • Heritage (2015)
  • Urbino as a stage (2014)
  • History/Stories (2013)
  • Language and translation (2012)
  • Time and Preservation (2011)
  • Urbino, The Ideal City (2010)
  • Urbino, A Cultural Identity (2009)



The Summer School starts on Sunday 14th. of July 2019 with a welcome drink at 6 PM in the courtyard of the school. It runs till Friday 26th. of July at the end of the day. After the final presentations there will be farewell drinks and food in the courtyard.


1.100 euro


The deadline to submit your completed application and portfolio is on Monday 13th. of May, 2019.


ISIA Urbino, Urbino, Italy


The course is held in English


Please send your portfolio and your CV (in PDF format) with the following information:

family name
address (street, city, state, country)
school or office

to biblioteca@isiaurbino.net

Once you’re accepted we will contact you in the week of May 27th. You will have to pay the enrolment fee before June 14th., to be officially registered as a student. If you pass the payment deadline, we’ll ask you to get in touch with the administration of the school, to discuss this matter and find a solution.

A maximum of 24 students will be accepted. The selection will be made from the tutors of the summer school.



You can book a room in the university campus, which is set outside the old city centre on the nearby hills of Urbino, but still within a 15 minute walking distance. You can check room availability and book your accommodation at this form.
In order to complete the booking you will need to pay from bank transfer. You can also book a room in any of the hotels in Urbino. Look for a room here and here or download a list of other accommodations.


You don’t need a car in Urbino, but just a pair of good legs to walk the steep streets of the city. Urbino can be easily reached from a direct local bus service from the nearby train station of Pesaro.
You can take an international flight to one of the nearest airports, which are Rimini, Ancona and Bologna, or take a direct flight to cities like, Milan, Pisa, Florence, Rome, or Venice. From any of these towns you can commute to Pesaro.



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The summer school will only take place if we have a guaranteed number of 24 students, but this condition has never been a problem in previous years were always able to select a wonderful group of talented candidates.


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Thanks to Simona, Dario, Hannah, Anniek, Meg, Sangah, Jannete, Mirjam, Rebecca, Loes, Inês, Frédérique, Andrea, Mariana, Susan, Max, Enno, Luca, Michelle, Maria, Nicha, Gerardo, Tabea, Miron, Michiel, Sarah and Austin for your contributions.